A child’s truth, a child’s solution! By Penny L Howe

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“Simple Yet Splendid” lesson with us

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The pure innocence of a child is much more wise than we fail to recognize. Children will see a truth immediately and a solution to a problem.

When Jordan was 8 years old she saw her first commercial on TV that talked about homeless children in other countries. It included a close-up view of children just like her!

Jumping up out of her chair (true story) Jordan turned to her parents and said, “Let’s go get them, they need a place to stay, we have room!”

Her parents then spend quite a little bit of time explaining that many people in many countries on this planet were and are homeless. Jordan kept shaking her head and asking “why”. To her, in her mind there should be no “that’s just the way it is!” “There’s nothing we can do about it” and so on. In her mind there was only one truth. No one anywhere on this planet should go hungry and homeless.

To this 8 year old little girl the solution was obvious and simple. Let’s go get them and bring them home, we have room!

The ‘thinking positive’ learning lesson I received that day was that if a child can see the truth in the world better than an adult then we (I) need to try much harder to see the view from their eyes and do something about it!

 Penny L Howe

A quick postscript here. Jordan still cares passionately about those less fortunate and works with her church youth group. Apart from those things she does locally, she has made several trips to Mexico to help build homes for the homeless.

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