Think good – Do good…. project

cimplicityrockss invite

cimplicityrockss invite

This is a small project which I have started as ” Think good – Do good ” for which i believe sharing good lessons from our life with others will create positive attitude in each of us and motivate us to ” Think good and Do good “.

It’s Your Choice

  • You can write about a learning from a person or an event – Your choice
  • You can write one learning or many  – Your choice
  • You can mention their identity or hide it – Your choice
  • You can keep it in simple words or can be formal – Your choice
  • You can simply rock –  It’s Your choice 🙂

My simple request 

  • Please write only about your learning : for example (Honesty, Humbleness, not to lie, respecting others, simplicity etc .For clarity you can refer to few of my posts here
  • Please do not write anything that would show disrespect to any person/community/religion/nationality) because I believe that all of us are ONE – Human being.
  • Please ensure that you highlight the learning from your experience 
  • Please don’t forget that you are my celebrity and your experience and learning will be a lesson for me and many ….:-)

This is your place in my blog to rock……:-) Don’t forget to provide this info

Guest of the day

Guest of the day

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[ its okay even if you forget to link back to me 🙂 ]

Friends who are interested to share your learning with me can 

  1. Write to me on (comment /reply) about your interest in sharing a lesson from your life…..or drop a letter to me on cimplicityrockssATgmail:-)coM…..
  2. Note : Spreading good words and positive learning is what you are gifting us and my love and respect is what you get as reward..:-)

Thanks in advance to everyone who will be part of this project by contributing lessons from your life 


Great People Great Lessons and Our simple talks


Check out the menu and select what you want for the day

This blog as you see will be as simple as possible because being simple and straight makes things easier isn’t it ? If you see it interesting please read and give me your feedback or else just move on and read what you feel to be interesting 🙂
So what is this blog all about?

  • This is about great people, great lessons in our simple talks **simple yet splendid **
  • Its you and me on one hand and these great personalities and great lessons on the other hand. Its easy for a person to write from any corner of the world but it is difficult for the same to understand, learn and live what we read/write in our life.
  • I shall bring in my real life experiences relating them to everything that I come across to be great and narrate it in simple sentences.
  • It is always “Good” to talk about all that is “Good”
  • Remember – Great people need not be famous “they are ordinary ones with extraordinary qualities” Great lessons need not be from our documented philosophical books – “it is just our real life’s true learning”

What’s in It for me ? this question is for each of us

  1. 5 minutes to this blog of our time in the daily routine will be the most valuable ones 
  2. I assure – lessons from Great people, Good content, Simple talk
  3. Lets learn together from great achievements ,Lets walk together for our betterment
  4. You can write to me on feedback (Great people you have come across, inspiring behaviour of someone you know, celebrities you want me to write about, Inspirational quotes you want me to relate to any person..or just simple suggestions…..anything good from you will simply rock on my blog . Without you this journey becomes incomplete……
But one thing I promise you and ask for the same is..Lets at least try to live what we see/read/write/believe to be good from now on….
Keep checking cimplicityrockss for upcoming articles