Magical Tree 9 : Win the tests of life

Magical Tree 9 : Win the tests of life

आपदि मित्र परीक्षा शूरपरीक्षा च रणाङ्गणे
विनये वम्श परीक्षा च शील परीक्षा तु धनक्षये

A friend’s testing ground is calamities, the brave are tested on the battlefield, the test of a family is in its humility and character is tested in times of poverty.
Source: Samskruta mouktikani


Style like “Stars” but better be “Stars”

“Attitude is not what you wear … is what you are…….”

During my college days ……attitude was one word which we all use to laugh at because it was so extensively used by my professors that we were very tired of hearing that word …but trust me ….they were always right when they said “Attitude is not what you wear, It is what you are”. Though this was a very popular quote I heard it for the first time and many times in my college for various reasons…..hmmmmm certain facts might sound stupid, some might sound humorous some might be bitter …but Facts are Facts…..thats reality isn’t it? 

This was during my starting days in the college….. one of the popular public personalities in India had gifted me 3 to 4 small books about freedom fighters and true heroes (Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Savarkar, Rani lakshmibai) on an occasion of Raksha bandhan (Indian festival). It was at the same time we had a presentation in our class where we could choose any Indian personality to speak about for 5 to 10 minutes…..

I had chosen to speak about “Bhagat singh” and if am not wrong there was this guy in our class who had chosen “Chandrashekar azad”as his topic of the day. What is special here is that this guy was a look alike of chandrashekar azad….He had grown mustache just like the one which great Azad had…

of course he spoke very well about freedom fight, army , role of Azad etc……..friends you might be wondering with what connection am talking about this guy , attitude, Great heroes …isn’t it?

Here it is …..

Many of us watch movies —> admire movie stars
—> wear what they wear —>That’s it
–>The End
Many of us read about great personalities —>admire their intelligence
—>Style like they style —>That’s it
—>The End
Many of us talk about great leaders —> admire their struggle
—> Enact like they act —>That’s it
–> The End

All that I need you to do is ask this question to yourself……

Is just admiration?? Wearing what a movie star wears?? Styling your hair like that of a famous person?? Buying what some star endorses??Talking fantastically without anything truly inside you is  allllllllllll that we call as an ATTITUDE   ??? Are these the only things which we are able to see in great personalities      ?????

Why don’t we take one step ahead and listen to the subtle messages of what these great personalities have told us without openly telling…

Their struggle, their hard work, their dedication, their learnings in life, and mainly their own and unique ATTITUDE have made them great and that’s the reason why they are role models, trend setters for us….

So I wish you wear your unique attitude (with good virtues) and you can set your own trend……..

At the end …for that person who was a look alike of Chandrashekar azad in my college class …whichever corner of the world you are ….you will be a simply great person if you have really dedicated your life in army or any other activities connected to social benefit because “Long back you styled like a star and today we wish you to be a star” …..its okay you can do it with that stylish mustache……..:-) 🙂

Style like “Stars” but better be “Stars” 

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Magical Tree 4 – Wish for right conscience

Magical Tree 4 – Wish for right conscience

दृष्टिपूतं न्येसेत्पादं वस्त्रपूतं जलं पिबेत्।

सत्यपूतम् वदेद्वाचं मनःपूतं समाचरेत् ॥
Step on a place after seeing that it is clean, drink water after filtering it through a piece of cloth, utter your words purified by truth, do such deeds which, your conscience says, are good.
(Source: Chanakya Neeti)

Magical Tree 3 – Wish to be Wise

Magical Tree 3 – Wish to be Wise

अर्थनाशं मनस्तापं गृहे दुश्चरितानि च । 
वञ्चनं चापमानं च मतिमान् न प्रकाशयेत् ॥

Wise people do not talk about – (Or do not display)
loss of wealth,
sadness in heart,
family scandal,
getting cheated, and insult.
(Source: Chanakya Neeti) 

My Letter – With love to every soldier

This is a small letter with love to every soldier who has given me
His life for My life

Respected  Dear Soldier,
(Address: War field
Date: Every Day )

Dear Sir , 

“You have never met me nor seen me…you have never heard about me nor know me…..still you have always fought for me . Who am I to you that you have presented  all these gifts to me ?

  • You left your loved ones alone ….just to see me happy with my family 
  • You are awake in severe cold and burning heat ….just to see me safe in my quilt
  • You struggle, fight and get hurt again and again…. just to save me from crying in pain
  • You starve day and night protecting…. just to see me partying
  • You work months together day and night ….just to see me healthy and right
  • You fight and die everyday…. just to see me celebrate my birthday
My dear soldier you have always been gifting me without any expectations and I have always been wondering how you could be so selfless and kind enough to give your life for my life
I shall keep you in my heart so that there is no way i can ever forget to thank you for the life I am living today.
With  warm hearted  thanks
(Citizen saved by you)
I have written what I actually felt but If you feel this letter to be your’s then take a minute and thank all the soldiers who save us.
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Fools Who Fooled Other Fools

This is about  fools who fooled other fools.
Am just talking about so called fools who call themselves to be  “GOD MAN”. In recent years there are quite a lot of incidents where people are evidencing too many “GOD MAN”sssss . If everyone is a GOD MAN then where are ordinary people who can be his followers ..?? 

Our world has witnessed many great saints, great men, extraordinary human beings be it from any country any religion but all these great souls did good to others for betterment of society and for universal peace…..none of these people ever claimed that they are “GOD MAN” they just believed and did everything good …thinking that it is their duty and purpose of their birth.

But in recent times playing a role of GOD MAN has become a fashion and a new way of business to make money. Nothing dangerous than this because the entire world lives in believing one or the other ground rules laid by either religion or certain principles of human race and these self proclaimed GOD MANs utilise this simple fact of life and exploit the innocence and beliefs of thousands of people. It sounds harmless initially but it can shake the entire nation any time.

My simple opinion
True blessed souls will never show case their wisdom, will never ask you to follow them, will never say they are great , will never say they are GOD or GOD MAN and very importantly it is highly impossible for us to get to see any real GOD MAN in today’s situation because at present many of us don’t behave like human beings in this case….how can you expect to see a GOD MAN?

My simple suggestion

“If you want to follow a person whom you believe to be doing miracles then follow him with your eyes wide open so that you can see the miracles in reality, please don’t follow blind folded because those miracles might be just illusions “

If you show yourself to be a fool then every person is a master born to fool you….. 

Please be wise in choosing whom to follow …there have been many great souls in past who have really done wonders to society and it was we who called them “GOD MAN”..but they just believed themselves to be a follower like us. So choose from them and have a better life….don’t go wrong as some else might be following you…

Follow the “Goddess in the form of wisdom” in a person and not just the person alone.

Everything I have written is my personal opinion with a social concern please do leave a reply about your views and suggestions 

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