A child’s truth, a child’s solution! By Penny L Howe

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“Simple Yet Splendid” lesson with us

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The pure innocence of a child is much more wise than we fail to recognize. Children will see a truth immediately and a solution to a problem.

When Jordan was 8 years old she saw her first commercial on TV that talked about homeless children in other countries. It included a close-up view of children just like her!

Jumping up out of her chair (true story) Jordan turned to her parents and said, “Let’s go get them, they need a place to stay, we have room!”

Her parents then spend quite a little bit of time explaining that many people in many countries on this planet were and are homeless. Jordan kept shaking her head and asking “why”. To her, in her mind there should be no “that’s just the way it is!” “There’s nothing we can do about it” and so on. In her mind there was only one truth. No one anywhere on this planet should go hungry and homeless.

To this 8 year old little girl the solution was obvious and simple. Let’s go get them and bring them home, we have room!

The ‘thinking positive’ learning lesson I received that day was that if a child can see the truth in the world better than an adult then we (I) need to try much harder to see the view from their eyes and do something about it!

 Penny L Howe

A quick postscript here. Jordan still cares passionately about those less fortunate and works with her church youth group. Apart from those things she does locally, she has made several trips to Mexico to help build homes for the homeless.

SHE did not forget!


Why many ask for “Money”?

Why many ask for “Money”?

 Am definitely not a person who says that money is not important, Yes we do need money but I really believe that money is important only to an extent where it supports us for a decent living condition, satisfies our hunger and safety in society (basic needs) but rest of the most valuable human necessities like love, affection, respect, recognition, family bonding, friendship etc are gained without money………For clarity you can ask these questions for yourself….

What did God ask for?
Bhakti (Devotion)
What did Guru (Teacher) ask for?
Interest and thirst for learning
What did mother ask for?
A warm hug from her child
What did father ask for?
Bright future for his kids
What do kids ask for?
Happiness of their parents
What do siblings ask for?
Wellness of their brothers and sisters
What does a true friend ask for?
Ever lasting affection and friendship
What do couples ask for?
Unconditional love and affection
What do enemies ask for?
Your downfall
Finally what did lord of death (Yama) ask for?
Life of that person whose purpose of this birth is completed

Did you get your answer ?……So right from our birth to death every bonding, every relation, every connection on this earth asks for many things except MONEY…..Money is just that “something” which we have created to support us in enjoying these human needs but it is definitely not “everything”.

When it is not everything then Y ask for money?
ask for happiness for yourself and for others


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Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best gift

Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best Gift

 This is about that person who taught me a great lesson just in 1 sentence

There is a festival called ” Gowri habba” celebrated in south India during which brothers gift their sisters with bangles, saree (Indian traditional dress), flowers, fruits or any gifts which they can afford to. This custom has been followed as it symbolises prosperity and wishing good to sisters…just the way “raksha bandhan” is followed with respect to wishing good to brothers……Our family also follows this custom without fail every year……

Just like past years last year also I and my sister bought a saree and few other things to our aunt in place of our dad…. We were worried if she would like the saree colour or not ….with this doubt in our mind we kept an option open for exchange with the shop keeper and visited our aunt’s house…After our casual talks and coffee chats we took out the flowers, fruits and saree and gifted it to our aunt and told her….”please tell us if you liked this saree or not , if you want any other colour /or some other design then we can exchange it and get whichever saree you like”. Before even she saw the saree she told us

” It does not matter to me what design/colour the gift is , all that I see is while buying this gift you have kept me in your heart , I can see only your love towards me so whatever you gift me will be the best gift…..”

This is one beautiful lesson which I learnt from her as in our life we always expect expensive gifts , unique gifts , imported, branded ….the list goes on…..but friends have we ever thought that the person gifting us has so much love towards us and definitely would have gifted us with all that affection…how does it matter if the colour /design / brand is of our taste or not ? at the end of the day love and affection is the best gift. 

From the day i learnt this lesson ..I am able to see only the affection when some one gifts me and this has made me to respect everyone for their precious love and not just precious gifts….

I learnt about the best gift from her simplicity did you?

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My Letter – With love to every soldier

This is a small letter with love to every soldier who has given me
His life for My life

Respected  Dear Soldier,
(Address: War field
Date: Every Day )

Dear Sir , 

“You have never met me nor seen me…you have never heard about me nor know me…..still you have always fought for me . Who am I to you that you have presented  all these gifts to me ?

  • You left your loved ones alone ….just to see me happy with my family 
  • You are awake in severe cold and burning heat ….just to see me safe in my quilt
  • You struggle, fight and get hurt again and again…. just to save me from crying in pain
  • You starve day and night protecting…. just to see me partying
  • You work months together day and night ….just to see me healthy and right
  • You fight and die everyday…. just to see me celebrate my birthday
My dear soldier you have always been gifting me without any expectations and I have always been wondering how you could be so selfless and kind enough to give your life for my life
I shall keep you in my heart so that there is no way i can ever forget to thank you for the life I am living today.
With  warm hearted  thanks
(Citizen saved by you)
I have written what I actually felt but If you feel this letter to be your’s then take a minute and thank all the soldiers who save us.
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Every day is mother’s day

I love you mommy

I love you mommy

The best gift I have got from my mother is “MY LIFE”
“I love you amma – Thanks for everything you have given me”

I shall leave this page to all those who want to say something about

“your mother “

Let this be a huge collection of sweet words from all lovely kids to great mothers

Don’t forget to thank her 


With a cup of coffee……

Before we read interesting articles in coming days …here is a “time pass gyan” I can give you for the day….

“Following a great person – YOU RISE
Following a great lesson from a great person – YOU ARE WISE”  (NSS)

So lets admire and follow great qualities of  great personalities and respect great personalities for their great qualities

“Famous need not be great” 

Famous and Great according to me are 2 different words..Those who are famous need not be great in the same way those who are great need not be famous.

Take time for “Good” 

We have enough time for gossips, silly jokes, unwanted shopping , scandals on web etc..don’t we have a minute for something really good? Just like our body even our mind needs good food to stay healthy. Good can be anything – good music, good articles, healthy talks about good changes in the society, community service, quality time with family and the list goes on…….

“Anything which is stagnant will stink”

It is not just water but anything which is stagnant will stink. Even the best of best knowledge remained unshared  will remain as same forever but will never give any fruit. Think…………!
So I truly believe that its worth to think/talk/share/discuss about anything good at least for a minute than spending hours on unproductive gossips or time pass stuffs in simple words .

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