Super Sweet Blogging Award & One Lovely Blog Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award from super sweet Marsha lee – A simple and sweet teacher 



On receiving this award the first thing we both discussed was about teaching profession…My family has teachers from all generations….and my all time favorite teacher is my mom…:-) having seen many teachers in family and being lucky to be mentored from some of the best of best teachers in life i have learnt the importance of teachers at a very early stage itself

In different paths we take in life we might not meet our teachers on every day basis or may not talk to them regularly but their teachings come along with us as a guide forever….I always respect every teacher for their contribution in making my life better…

To sweet teacher Marsha lee…

I know that you retired officially from teaching profession couple of days back but…

A teacher can never retire because all of us are in learning phase till death …and teachers like you have to walk with us till the end 🙂

Nominations for Super Sweet Award is in

Nominations for One lovely blog award which was pending for longggggggg time now.. is also updated (Finally) …Simona thanks once again for this 🙂



Nominations – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I know I took my sweet time for nominations but I also know that you are my sweetest  bloggers who can forgive me for the delay :-)………..

Coming to Nominations for ” Very Inspiring Blogger Award”
Inspiring bloggers for me are those who made me think again and again and moved me every time a step ahead) So here they are……

There is no ranking as such (because if I start ranking blogs then… my blog will be at last in the rank 🙂 LoL)

I got this wonderful opportunity of passing this award to other deserving blogs just because of AJ’s Mommy dearest (thats how i call her) so don’t forget to check her blog  

Check this link for Rules of this Award

My nominations for One Lovely blog Award is coming shortly …………



Am very overjoyed to see awards on my blog ….Being relatively new to this blogging community am learning many things and it feels very nice to see other bloggers helping and motivating fellow bloggers…..cheers!

This is what I mean by awards – (Awards – It means more responsibility)

Awards by cimplicityrockss

Awards by cimplicityrockss

Thanks to all dearest darling bloggers 🙂

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One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award from a lovely person


One Lovely Blog Award

Am sure this lovely lady doesn’t know that today is a small festival day for me (Bheemana amavasye- Indian festival – we pray for lord shiva on this day). On this special day I got a special gift from Simona (One Lovely Blog Award)  …If you think something is cute ..then you better check this ( and am sure you will agree that her blog is cuuuuter than the cuuutest..:-)

My lovely thanks to this lovely lady for (One Lovely Blog Award)

Cimplicityrockss – 1 (Dr.T V Venkatachala Shastry)


Namaste – This is a sanskrit word which means (NAMA – I bow, AS- Me, TE – You) I bow to you…this is one of the greatest ways of greeting people I have come across. By the way how many of us actually bother to greet anyone we see? I have seen people who don’t care to even smile when someone greets them and it is just not the matter of their rudeness which I see but what worries me is the fading sign of respecting each other.

 This one is for all of us who are either lazy to greet or head weighted enough to bow or not rightly educated in terms of respecting others…as I believe one of the  simplest ways of respecting others is just “stand up and greet them”

This is one of my personal experiences where I have seen this great personality being so humble and respectful to even the youngest of the gathering.

It was in a marriage celebration where I learnt this lesson….

There was this elderly man in white shirt and simple dhoti in his early 70s sitting in the second row of the marriage hall which was fully crowded.. and approximately every 15 minutes once there were few people who were walking towards him and introducing themselves to him….Believe me he greeted every single person who came to him with at most respect by getting up from his seat and wishing them and spent at least a minute with each of them knowing who they are……..he was none other than

Dr. T V Venkatachala Shastry
(Dr.Togere Venkata Subba Shastry Venkatachala Shastry)

He is one of those gems who have contributed enormously to classical literature. Some of us might know him and some might not because his works are extremely research oriented and far ahead of common man’s understanding. His contributions are in the field of grammar, prosody, textual criticism, lexicography, history of literature, literary criticism, biography and translation.

Below is just a glimpse of few awards he has won for his contributions

Pampa Prashasti, Sahitya Academy Bhasha Samman for ancient and medieval literature, Rajyotsava Prashasti, Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award,  Masti Prashasti  are a few among them. ‘Sreemukha’ and ‘Kannada Meru’ are the felicitation volumes presented to him.

When a great personality like Dr. T V V who has extraordinary literary contributions in his basket and big list of awards and great recognition in society greets even a small child with so much respect… It is sad that we who are just stepping and seeing the world without any identity as an individual fail to show a simple sign of basic manners in respecting others.

“Dr. T V Venkatachala Shastry – Simple Yet Splendid”
I learnt from his simplicity did you?

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