Super Sweet Blogging Award & One Lovely Blog Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award from super sweet Marsha lee – A simple and sweet teacher 



On receiving this award the first thing we both discussed was about teaching profession…My family has teachers from all generations….and my all time favorite teacher is my mom…:-) having seen many teachers in family and being lucky to be mentored from some of the best of best teachers in life i have learnt the importance of teachers at a very early stage itself

In different paths we take in life we might not meet our teachers on every day basis or may not talk to them regularly but their teachings come along with us as a guide forever….I always respect every teacher for their contribution in making my life better…

To sweet teacher Marsha lee…

I know that you retired officially from teaching profession couple of days back but…

A teacher can never retire because all of us are in learning phase till death …and teachers like you have to walk with us till the end 🙂

Nominations for Super Sweet Award is in

Nominations for One lovely blog award which was pending for longggggggg time now.. is also updated (Finally) …Simona thanks once again for this 🙂