Think good – Do good…. project

cimplicityrockss invite

cimplicityrockss invite

This is a small project which I have started as ” Think good – Do good ” for which i believe sharing good lessons from our life with others will create positive attitude in each of us and motivate us to ” Think good and Do good “.

It’s Your Choice

  • You can write about a learning from a person or an event – Your choice
  • You can write one learning or many  – Your choice
  • You can mention their identity or hide it – Your choice
  • You can keep it in simple words or can be formal – Your choice
  • You can simply rock –  It’s Your choice 🙂

My simple request 

  • Please write only about your learning : for example (Honesty, Humbleness, not to lie, respecting others, simplicity etc .For clarity you can refer to few of my posts here
  • Please do not write anything that would show disrespect to any person/community/religion/nationality) because I believe that all of us are ONE – Human being.
  • Please ensure that you highlight the learning from your experience 
  • Please don’t forget that you are my celebrity and your experience and learning will be a lesson for me and many ….:-)

This is your place in my blog to rock……:-) Don’t forget to provide this info

Guest of the day

Guest of the day

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Friends who are interested to share your learning with me can 

  1. Write to me on (comment /reply) about your interest in sharing a lesson from your life…..or drop a letter to me on cimplicityrockssATgmail:-)coM…..
  2. Note : Spreading good words and positive learning is what you are gifting us and my love and respect is what you get as reward..:-)

Thanks in advance to everyone who will be part of this project by contributing lessons from your life 


Sorry for making my blog look sad :-(

Hi friends

Sorry for making my blog look sad 😦 but no other option for another 2 days as am changing few things…but will surely make it simple and beautiful for your eyes ……stay connected till then

Love you all & happy blogging

Cimplicityrockss 6 – Her name is Ramadevi

I don’t know how am not in contact with such a good friend today ? She was one of the best friends i had. A very simple girl but extremely kind hearted . In appearance no one could ever take a guess that this girl is such a great human being as she always stayed calm, silent and sometimes not in the picture at all….but was always the first person to help when some one was in need…..

There are lot of good things to tell about her which becomes matter of 20 posts but i shall share this one from the entire lot with you my friends….

It was on a sunny afternoon where my friend rama and myself finished our classes early and went straight to lunch at my residence… i got to tell you that my mom is a wonderful orator who hosts lot of public programmes and school events but when it comes to cooking she can create wonders some times and blunders many times hahahah 🙂 (chorry mommy take it easy )….and unfortunately on this day when rama had come home to lunch….my mom in hurry had missed some ingredient in food and it tasted …really tasteless :-)…..After tasting the food i did all dramas to avoid eating it but my friend rama ate completely without even wasting a bit in the plate and i was really amazed seeing this as she could have simply rejected to eat as she was not someone who was new to our house to feel formal…..

Image taken from lovely blogger

After she completed i asked her how could she eat it when it did not taste good….and she simply said….” When food is served in my plate i just close my eyes and eat whatever is given and don’t care whether it tastes good or not ……..i just see to that no food goes waste from my plate….when many of them don’t have anything to eat for days together …i have atleast something in my plate for this minute and why waste it ?” 

I also knew what she was talking, I know that many struggle to get their one time’s meal but still i was and to certain extent even today I am wasting a bit of food when it goes really difficult to eat …..but she simply stands extra-ordinary because she followed what she said …

Am still learning to be like her in this matter….what about you ?

Image taken from sweet blogging friend-                                       Paddy’s kitchen

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Magical Tree 11 – Come out of foolishness

Magical Tree 11 – Come out of foolishness

यदा किञ्चिज्ञोऽहं द्विप इव मदान्धः समभवं
तदा सर्वज्ञोऽस्मीत्यभवदवलिप्तं मम मनः ।
यदा किञ्चित् किञ्चित् बुधजनसकाशादवगतं
तदा मूर्खोऽस्मीति ज्वर इव मदो मे व्यपगतः

When I had little knowledge I was blind with conceit like a rutty elephant.  I thought I was knowing everything and my vanity was great. Then gradually, by virtue of my association with wise men, i realised that knowledge was a vast ocean.  My intoxication vanished like a fever and I realized that I was really a fool.
Source: Neeti Shatakam

In my words : Every person whom i meet ..knows something which am not aware of ….which means no one person is a completely learned man ….everytime we learn something it opens a door to another ocean of knowledge room…If we ever feel that we are more educated , wise , learned then it means we have simply closed the learning door of our brain….It is utter foolishness if someone behaves rudely thinking that he is the most learned person because what we have learnt is just a drop and what we are yet to learn is a ocean…..

I learnt to learn from every person atleast one lesson and especially to be in the group of wise men who can lead me from the well of ignorance to path of knowledge – did you ? 

Don’t quit – Life is a game -Just play it

To all my friends who talk about suicide ……..I say 

Dont quit from life

Dont quit from life


1.Just like in basketball sometimes in life we struggle , fight, put all our efforts to make our best shot  but it might simply slip away even being this close …….

Wait don’t quit –  Who knows you might simply get one more opportunity just like a free throw . 

2.Just like in cricket we might get bowled out of happiness by others 

Wait don’t quit – It is just in one ground one match……in life there are plenty of grounds and reasons to smile and make our life as happy as sixer 

3.Just like in surfing , our life might also encounter strong waves, dangerous situations, unexpected tides 

Wait don’t quit – Like dangerous waves in surfing, difficult times in our life makes us more stronger to face unexpected situations. Don’t you think an adventurous surfing is better than sleeping in a lazy river.

4.Just like in boxing, in life you might get hit again and again by others, it can be painful with bruises and cuts ….

Wait don’t quit – Every punch every hit others give you is because you are weak enough to fight back….enough of giving up…get up …give back…fight till the end …dont forget that you have a chance in life to win even at the last minute of the game……

5.Just like in gymnastics our life can take complete U turn from what we expected for it to be like…

Wait don’t quit – Just like in gymnastics …your U turn in life might be for a beautiful artistic landing which can be a spectacular lesson for others ….right?

Now you tell me is it wise enough to quit life before playing all such beautiful games of happiness, adventure, sorrow, tough times, enjoyable sweet moments ,……..??

Be    SPORTIVE     my    friend  🙂

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Magical Tree 10 : Do you have such a friend ?

Magical Tree 10 : Do you have such a friend ?

He restrains his friend from committing sins, and induces him to do good deeds. He conceals the unseemly secrets of a friend, projecting only his good qualities. He does not desert his friend in difficulties, but gives timely assistance. Saints describe these as the characteristics of a true friend.
Source: Neeti Shatakam

Magical Tree 9 : Win the tests of life

Magical Tree 9 : Win the tests of life

आपदि मित्र परीक्षा शूरपरीक्षा च रणाङ्गणे
विनये वम्श परीक्षा च शील परीक्षा तु धनक्षये

A friend’s testing ground is calamities, the brave are tested on the battlefield, the test of a family is in its humility and character is tested in times of poverty.
Source: Samskruta mouktikani


Cimplicityrockss 5 – Auto Driver Sir

Today’s post brings to you about my learning from an Auto Rikshaw Driver in India. Let me tell you my friends, when one particular person from a group does a mistake then knowingly or unknowingly we all tend to generalise the mistake to the entire group…..In the same way in Indian cities where Auto Rikshaws are widely preferred for travelling there are  auto drivers who are bad and who are really good too…but because of those few bad ones entire Auto rikshaw drivers get blamed. I was one person who used rikshaw extensively to travel everywhere and have encountered rikshaw drivers demanding more money, some abusing drivers, few cheating on auto meters & many such unpleasant travelling experiences. In all such times I have talked and shared my opinion about these exploiting drivers with my people …in the same way when there is a pleasant and good experience of learning from a Rikshaw driver why should I not tell you ? Here it is ……

There is a bus stop which is almost 1km far from my house and for that short distance auto rikshaws are mostly preferred and as these auto drivers know that there is no bus facility for this short distance they charge rates as per their wish and it used to be at least 10 rupees( 10 INR) extra on the actual meter rate….as it was my routine to travel in this route i had got habituated to give 10rs extra by default as not even one single auto driver ever agreed to drop passengers as per meter rates….

But one day when it was almost as late as 9 PM where auto drivers by default charge extra (one and a half in their language) i got into an auto from the same bus stop spot …and safely got down near my house and as a routine practice i paid him 10rs extra and this Gentleman replied to me ” Why is this extra 10 Rupees given, i shall just take as per meter rate” I replied to him ” Sir it is a usual practice isn’t it that you people charge extra in this place? ” he said humbly ” Madam i believe that i should be paid for what i deserve and nothing more than that… anything extra is not good for my conscience” 

Believe me i was so happy to find that one person in that entire group to be so truthful to his duty and to his conscience. I couldn’t stop appreciating him for his attitude as in 3 years of my travelling there he was the only person who took the right meter rate.

I have this practice of addressing people as Sir/Madam irrespective of their social/work classes in society. For all my friends who asked me why I address even Auto drivers as “Sir” , I would like to tell you that I don’t want to miss an opportunity to give respect to such honest and humble people just like this Auto Driver i mentioned above…He really deserves our respect

 Auto Driver Sir  – You are Simple Yet Splendid

I learnt from his right conscience did you ?

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Magical Tree 8 – Let your plans be secret till you get it executed

Magical Tree 8  – Let your plans be secret till you get it executed

मनसा  चिन्तितं  कर्म  वचसा  न  प्रकाशयेत्
मंत्रेन  रक्षयेद्गूढम  कार्ये  चापि  नियोजयेत्

Do not reveal what you have planned to do, the best counsel is to keep it a secret and try to execute it with determination.
(Source : Chanakya neeti)