I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day :-)

Cimplicityrockss 7 – I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day 🙂 i know this title is very big to fit in but it is not just a title ………………..it is a fact


It was almost 8 PM on a weekday and on the main busy street of Majestic bus stop in Bangalore i walked holding my dad’s hand to visit our family doctor…this happened some years back. Those who have visited this oldest business center of Bangalore can actually get a clear picture of what am talking…..

The street was filled with darkness as it was 8PM but had enough light for all the road side businesses ….Just to give a glimpse of  how this street looks i have to tell you that this place is one of the very oldest business center with lakhs of people earning their food be it in big shops or on the corner of the road…..plenty of carts, plenty of buses, groups of people sitting on the road and selling different things…..hmmmm It is in this place you can actually see different faces of our life 🙂

I walked on this road holding my dad’s right hand and my right hand was waiting to do something mischievous. When my dad’s eyes were busy looking straight and ensuring safety while walking my eyes noticed a heap of peanuts on a cart . The cart owner stood behind the heap and was looking for customers. I was a small girl (mostly 8 years old )and went unnoticed to the seller..this became an advantage for me and within no seconds i lifted one hand full of peanuts without giving any clue………and walked happily with dad…

It was only after walking 15 minutes away from the cart i showed my dad the stolen peanuts with a face filled with sense of smartness. My dad immediately stopped me and asked “where did you pick this from ?”and i replied smilingly thinking that he will be happy seeing my cleverness but he immediately held my hand much tighter and took me back to the same cart and asked me to drop all the peanuts which i had stolen. The peanut seller was watching me and my dad and dad smiled at him and we walked our way back…..Am sure the seller had understood what had happened…:-)

Friends here i have to tell you that i was just a kid and my dad could have done any of these below listed options

  • My dad could have thought that i was a kid and just laughed and continued walking
  • My dad could have hit me for stealing
  • My dad could have thought that it was 15 minutes far and does not make sense to walk back all the way to that cart
  • My dad could have thought that the peanut seller might fight with us for stealing and it would be wise not to go back  

My dad did not do any of these and instead chose to walk with me straight back to the seller and teach me a lesson….I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day 🙂

I learnt a beautiful lesson from my dad long back 🙂 Did you ?

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Cimplicityrockss 6 – Her name is Ramadevi

I don’t know how am not in contact with such a good friend today ? She was one of the best friends i had. A very simple girl but extremely kind hearted . In appearance no one could ever take a guess that this girl is such a great human being as she always stayed calm, silent and sometimes not in the picture at all….but was always the first person to help when some one was in need…..

There are lot of good things to tell about her which becomes matter of 20 posts but i shall share this one from the entire lot with you my friends….

It was on a sunny afternoon where my friend rama and myself finished our classes early and went straight to lunch at my residence…..here i got to tell you that my mom is a wonderful orator who hosts lot of public programmes and school events but when it comes to cooking she can create wonders some times and blunders many times hahahah 🙂 (chorry mommy take it easy )….and unfortunately on this day when rama had come home to lunch….my mom in hurry had missed some ingredient in food and it tasted …really tasteless :-)…..After tasting the food i did all dramas to avoid eating it but my friend rama ate completely without even wasting a bit in the plate and i was really amazed seeing this as she could have simply rejected to eat as she was not someone who was new to our house to feel formal…..


Image taken from lovely blogger http://foodfollower7.com/

After she completed i asked her how could she eat it when it did not taste good….and she simply said….” When food is served in my plate i just close my eyes and eat whatever is given and don’t care whether it tastes good or not ……..i just see to that no food goes waste from my plate….when many of them don’t have anything to eat for days together …i have atleast something in my plate for this minute and why waste it ?” 

I also knew what she was talking, I know that many struggle to get their one time’s meal but still i was and to certain extent even today I am wasting a bit of food when it goes really difficult to eat …..but she simply stands extra-ordinary because she followed what she said …

Am still learning to be like her in this matter….what about you ?


Image taken from sweet blogging friend-                                       Paddy’s kitchen

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Cimplicityrockss 5 – Auto Driver Sir

Today’s post brings to you about my learning from an Auto Rikshaw Driver in India. Let me tell you my friends, when one particular person from a group does a mistake then knowingly or unknowingly we all tend to generalise the mistake to the entire group…..In the same way in Indian cities where Auto Rikshaws are widely preferred for travelling there are  auto drivers who are bad and who are really good too…but because of those few bad ones entire Auto rikshaw drivers get blamed. I was one person who used rikshaw extensively to travel everywhere and have encountered rikshaw drivers demanding more money, some abusing drivers, few cheating on auto meters & many such unpleasant travelling experiences. In all such times I have talked and shared my opinion about these exploiting drivers with my people …in the same way when there is a pleasant and good experience of learning from a Rikshaw driver why should I not tell you ? Here it is ……

There is a bus stop which is almost 1km far from my house and for that short distance auto rikshaws are mostly preferred and as these auto drivers know that there is no bus facility for this short distance they charge rates as per their wish and it used to be at least 10 rupees( 10 INR) extra on the actual meter rate….as it was my routine to travel in this route i had got habituated to give 10rs extra by default as not even one single auto driver ever agreed to drop passengers as per meter rates….

But one day when it was almost as late as 9 PM where auto drivers by default charge extra (one and a half in their language) i got into an auto from the same bus stop spot …and safely got down near my house and as a routine practice i paid him 10rs extra and this Gentleman replied to me ” Why is this extra 10 Rupees given, i shall just take as per meter rate” I replied to him ” Sir it is a usual practice isn’t it that you people charge extra in this place? ” he said humbly ” Madam i believe that i should be paid for what i deserve and nothing more than that… anything extra is not good for my conscience” 

Believe me i was so happy to find that one person in that entire group to be so truthful to his duty and to his conscience. I couldn’t stop appreciating him for his attitude as in 3 years of my travelling there he was the only person who took the right meter rate.

I have this practice of addressing people as Sir/Madam irrespective of their social/work classes in society. For all my friends who asked me why I address even Auto drivers as “Sir” , I would like to tell you that I don’t want to miss an opportunity to give respect to such honest and humble people just like this Auto Driver i mentioned above…He really deserves our respect

 Auto Driver Sir  – You are Simple Yet Splendid

I learnt from his right conscience did you ?

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Cimplicityrockss 4 – “HR” by an “HR”

Friends it is common for many professionals especially in HR departments to refer candidates for a job and it becomes more easy for the candidates when they actually get the same person who referred them in the selection panel as well

Just imagine yourself in the place of an Interviewer for a particular job and you land up in meeting your best friend in the place of candidate and to make your position even more complicated, your friend is not suitable for the role …what would you do ???

Am sure most of us would answer that we would select the candidate based on their performance only…but trust me though this sounds simple to us… in reality it is very likely that majority of us try to be more generous in our selection process when it comes to known people…it is a natural human tendency which I agree but keeping in mind the larger community of suitable & more qualified candidates your decision of selecting your friend becomes biased…..

Am surely not here to discuss good practices of human resource professionals but just want to tell you about this person who in HR profession set his own rule and I believe that his simple attitude of honesty can be a great lesson to many of us…

I know this person for quite a longggggggg time now….he is an HR professional (Human resource professional). He Voluntarily backs out from interviewing any candidate whom he refers for any job and not just the referred candidates but also when he happens to meet any known people in interviews then he honestly discloses it and gives the role of interviewing to third person to ensure at most quality and integrity in recruiting……Why would a company need stringent policies when all its employees inculcate such great policies in their own life………?

Sometimes we don’t realize the greatness in certain simple things we do isn’t it? Am sure even this person would not have realized that his simple attitude would make such a good impression and meaning to other professionals…if he is reading this, then I would say “I have recruited you in my Blog with great respect  🙂”.

 “HR” by an “HR”
(“Honesty Recommended” by an “ Human Resource” professional)

I learnt honesty from his simple attitude did you?

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Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best gift

Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best Gift

 This is about that person who taught me a great lesson just in 1 sentence

There is a festival called ” Gowri habba” celebrated in south India during which brothers gift their sisters with bangles, saree (Indian traditional dress), flowers, fruits or any gifts which they can afford to. This custom has been followed as it symbolises prosperity and wishing good to sisters…just the way “raksha bandhan” is followed with respect to wishing good to brothers……Our family also follows this custom without fail every year……

Just like past years last year also I and my sister bought a saree and few other things to our aunt in place of our dad…. We were worried if she would like the saree colour or not ….with this doubt in our mind we kept an option open for exchange with the shop keeper and visited our aunt’s house…After our casual talks and coffee chats we took out the flowers, fruits and saree and gifted it to our aunt and told her….”please tell us if you liked this saree or not , if you want any other colour /or some other design then we can exchange it and get whichever saree you like”. Before even she saw the saree she told us

” It does not matter to me what design/colour the gift is , all that I see is while buying this gift you have kept me in your heart , I can see only your love towards me so whatever you gift me will be the best gift…..”

This is one beautiful lesson which I learnt from her as in our life we always expect expensive gifts , unique gifts , imported, branded ….the list goes on…..but friends have we ever thought that the person gifting us has so much love towards us and definitely would have gifted us with all that affection…how does it matter if the colour /design / brand is of our taste or not ? at the end of the day love and affection is the best gift. 

From the day i learnt this lesson ..I am able to see only the affection when some one gifts me and this has made me to respect everyone for their precious love and not just precious gifts….

I learnt about the best gift from her simplicity did you?

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Cimplicityrockss 2 – She is my sister

Yes, she is my sister . I just thought for a second if  I have to write about my own sister in “Cimplicityrockss – Great people, Great lessons , Our simple talks” column  but then I just  got convinced by my own rules which i laid before starting this blog. My major intention is to bring great lessons from great people (can be any ordinary person with great virtue) into our life (I literally mean to follow). So i have made up my mind to write this great lesson which she gifted me on a simple conversation.

This happened almost a year back…….  we had arranged some party ….myself and my sister had gone to one of our relative’s place to invite them for this celebration. This relative was never in my good books and i was least interested in inviting to such a happy celebration but i was forced to do so by my mom. In the same way i guess this relative also had no interest in our invite and just disrespected us very much  but my sister spoke to him and his family with so much respect and dignity which i failed to do as i was just noticing their rude behaviour with us . I was badly hurt by the behaviour of that relative even after being a guest at their home…..While back home i told my sister “Why should we invite such people even after knowing that they don’t like us.?…I just hate them…and am really surprised how you were able to talk to them so well even when they did not respect us”

All that she told me was ” I just believe that no person can be bad, it is just certain qualities in them which they display will make us feel bad……Just keep one thing in mind – this person whom you are hating today might have done good to someone else in need some day or they might just not be knowing that their behaviour is hurting others, just because he/she did not treat you with respect do not hate that person. It does not matter if the opposite person is good or not , but what matters is you have to be good from heart with everyone.

From that day i just “hate” the word “hate”. It was such a good lesson for me which turned me to see everyone with love and respect no matter how they behave with us.

Lessons I learnt 

  • Respect everyone for their good virtues
  • Do not forget anyone who helped you in past
  • Wish good to everyone from your heart
  • Very importantly hate the word hate
As the person who taught me this is my own sister i shall not reveal her name or identity but just to describe her she is one lady with great virtues who alone can give us all the good lessons for my blog for the entire life….thank you sis…..after all we just got to learn “GOOD LESSONS” be it from anyone.
I learnt how to HATE the word HATE from her …did you?
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Cimplicityrockss – 1 (Dr.T V Venkatachala Shastry)


Namaste – This is a sanskrit word which means (NAMA – I bow, AS- Me, TE – You) I bow to you…this is one of the greatest ways of greeting people I have come across. By the way how many of us actually bother to greet anyone we see? I have seen people who don’t care to even smile when someone greets them and it is just not the matter of their rudeness which I see but what worries me is the fading sign of respecting each other.

 This one is for all of us who are either lazy to greet or head weighted enough to bow or not rightly educated in terms of respecting others…as I believe one of the  simplest ways of respecting others is just “stand up and greet them”

This is one of my personal experiences where I have seen this great personality being so humble and respectful to even the youngest of the gathering.

It was in a marriage celebration where I learnt this lesson….

There was this elderly man in white shirt and simple dhoti in his early 70s sitting in the second row of the marriage hall which was fully crowded.. and approximately every 15 minutes once there were few people who were walking towards him and introducing themselves to him….Believe me he greeted every single person who came to him with at most respect by getting up from his seat and wishing them and spent at least a minute with each of them knowing who they are……..he was none other than

Dr. T V Venkatachala Shastry
(Dr.Togere Venkata Subba Shastry Venkatachala Shastry)

He is one of those gems who have contributed enormously to classical literature. Some of us might know him and some might not because his works are extremely research oriented and far ahead of common man’s understanding. His contributions are in the field of grammar, prosody, textual criticism, lexicography, history of literature, literary criticism, biography and translation.

Below is just a glimpse of few awards he has won for his contributions

Pampa Prashasti, Sahitya Academy Bhasha Samman for ancient and medieval literature, Rajyotsava Prashasti, Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award,  Masti Prashasti  are a few among them. ‘Sreemukha’ and ‘Kannada Meru’ are the felicitation volumes presented to him.

When a great personality like Dr. T V V who has extraordinary literary contributions in his basket and big list of awards and great recognition in society greets even a small child with so much respect… It is sad that we who are just stepping and seeing the world without any identity as an individual fail to show a simple sign of basic manners in respecting others.

“Dr. T V Venkatachala Shastry – Simple Yet Splendid”
I learnt from his simplicity did you?

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Great People Great Lessons and Our simple talks


Check out the menu and select what you want for the day

This blog as you see will be as simple as possible because being simple and straight makes things easier isn’t it ? If you see it interesting please read and give me your feedback or else just move on and read what you feel to be interesting 🙂
So what is this blog all about?

  • This is about great people, great lessons in our simple talks **simple yet splendid **
  • Its you and me on one hand and these great personalities and great lessons on the other hand. Its easy for a person to write from any corner of the world but it is difficult for the same to understand, learn and live what we read/write in our life.
  • I shall bring in my real life experiences relating them to everything that I come across to be great and narrate it in simple sentences.
  • It is always “Good” to talk about all that is “Good”
  • Remember – Great people need not be famous “they are ordinary ones with extraordinary qualities” Great lessons need not be from our documented philosophical books – “it is just our real life’s true learning”

What’s in It for me ? this question is for each of us

  1. 5 minutes to this blog of our time in the daily routine will be the most valuable ones 
  2. I assure – lessons from Great people, Good content, Simple talk
  3. Lets learn together from great achievements ,Lets walk together for our betterment
  4. You can write to me on feedback (Great people you have come across, inspiring behaviour of someone you know, celebrities you want me to write about, Inspirational quotes you want me to relate to any person..or just simple suggestions…..anything good from you will simply rock on my blog . Without you this journey becomes incomplete……
But one thing I promise you and ask for the same is..Lets at least try to live what we see/read/write/believe to be good from now on….
Keep checking cimplicityrockss for upcoming articles