Awards – It means more responsibility

Awards – It means more responsibility

Awards by cimplicityrockss

Awards – cimplicityrockss

Cimplicityrockss is blessed with such motivating friends.. here is what they gifted me with love

Gift from AJ’s Mom –

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Here are the rules for this award and tag post:

a. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

b. Share 7 things about yourself.

c. Nominate 7 bloggers you find inspiring and leave a comment on their blog to let them know.

Here I goooooooooo…………

a. My special thanks to you AJ’s Mommy Dearest

b. 7 Things about myself (actually i have too many things to tell y only 7 ? 🙂 )

  • I love my family a lot
  • I love to wear my sister’s clothes…hahaha
  • For me and my sister my mom is the only wealth
  • For your information till now i have written only my college notes and exam papers….cimplicityrockss is the first blog and only platform which has witnessed and tolerated my writing skills…..thank you wordpress….:-)
  • Am absolutely a comedy stuff…I laugh a lot and make others laugh too
  • For some unknown reasons ….everything looks good and beautiful for my eyes
  • May be above mentioned point is the reason why I think ” Am very beautiful” hahhaha 🙂

Coming to Nominations for ” Very Inspiring Blogger Award”
Inspiring bloggers for me are those who made me think again and again and moved me every time a step ahead) So here they are……

There is no ranking as such (because if I start ranking blogs then… my blog will be at last in the rank 🙂 LoL)

I got this wonderful opportunity of passing this award to other deserving blogs just because of  this amazing blogger A J’s Mommy dearest (thats how I call her) so don’t forget to check her blog 

My nominations for One Lovely blog Award is coming shortly …………

Gift from Simona –

One lovely blog award from a lovely lady



The rules for this Award are as follows:

1.   Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you.

2.   Describe 7 things about yourself.

3.   Nominate 15 other bloggers.

Here I go againnnnnnnn……..

a.My lovely thanks to this lovely lady

b.7 Things about myself 

  • Am extremely mischievous but you cannot see that on my face
  • In entire world only my sister knows who exactly “I am”
  • I have a bad habit of singing same song  on and on and on till someone begs me to stop it
  • This is a top secret revealed for the first time…Most of my school assignments were written by my sister…as i was the dumbest on earth that time
  • I hold a silver medal in a subject which am actually not liking now hahahah…excuse me i still like the silver medal but not the subject.
  • I get weird dreams and imaginations often
  • My 6th sense works amazingly for me

Coming to Nominations for ” One Lovely Blog Award”

I got this wonderful opportunity of passing this award to other deserving blogs just because of  this lovely blogger …so don’t forget to check her blog

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Here are the sweet rules for this award 

  1. Thank you dear sweet teacher 🙂
  2. Answer 4 questions.
  • Cookies or Cake : Hmmm actually the moment i saw this award i felt happy and also felt funny because am one person who don’t eat sweets at all unless someone forces me to eat … is only once in blue moon that i feel like eating anything which is sweet (Jamoon/ Jam lamingtons and few more selective items) …so cookies and cake both ruled out …..(if you still want to know my preference then i pick cake than cookies)
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? …I hate Chocolate .and ice creams….vanilla is also not my choice but still am okay with it ( am not following any fitness diet , am completely a normal girl 🙂 Just that i don’t like eating sweets 
  • What is your favorite sweet treat? The only sweet which i voluntarily feel like eating once in blue moon is Jamoon (Indian sweet )..even in this case i pick one or two and am done 🙂
  • When do you crave sweet things the most? Wrong question to wrong person 🙂
  • If I had a sweet nickname what would it be? I have soooooooo many nick names …my sister has a crazy habit of  dumping too many nick names on my head…she keeps calling me with some or the other names…..i love all of it….

3. The Baker’s Dozen Nominees (In no order 🙂 )


I got this wonderful opportunity of passing this award to other deserving blogs just because of  this sweet teacher & blogger …so don’t forget to check her blog

36 thoughts on “Awards – It means more responsibility

  1. Well Done on getting nominated for these Awards 🙂 Wish you Good Luck…… and well your writings are quite tolerable so don’t worry much about others tolerance level… Keep Blogging… 😉

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  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for nominating me… I can’t tell you how I exactly feel right now 🙂
    I have been trying to find your mail id, but unable to. Would be great if you could help me. Need to clarify something.
    Thanks a lot again 🙂 You are awesome!!!

  4. Ohh great!! Just realized you have to moderate my comment… So guess i can write here itself. Please don’t moderate this 😛
    Well, this is the first time I am being nominated and believe me I have always dreamed of this day. Thanks to you!!! But the problem is, I have no clue as to how I should go about this. How to accept the award or what to write… Nothing!! I am actually blank 😦 Care to help??? Please..
    Sorry for sounding so stupid, it is just that I need some help..

    Thanks!! Hope to hear from you soon. My id is

  5. First of all, a big congrats to you on getting so many awards and thanks a lot for passing on one to my blog. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading things about yourself. And when you say, “Am extremely mischievous but you cannot see that on my face. ” It made me laugh. I was like- how can we believe that, we have not see your face yet. 🙂 Jokes a part, just like you, I too love my family a lot, as they provide me the space to breathe. And I too consider, my big family is my wealth. So as you can guess now, I am a really rich person as I have such a big family.
    Lots of good wishes for you and your blog. I wish you will reach new heights as a writer with each passing day in this blogging world. Keep up the great work!

  6. It is very sweet of you to offer my site an award but I cannot accept as my blog is an award free zone. Thank you anyway. Take care. Ralph

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