It might be a technical error – Chorry :-)

Friends i noticed that sometimes i receive my own posts and comments for approval haha 🙂 Also comments pending for approval keeps repeating even after i approve…am not sure if there is network issue or technical error in my blog but 100% am not spamming any of you….so if at all there is any inconvenience caused or repeated posts from me please keep me informed instead of troubling yourself….Till now i have not received any complaints from any bloggers regarding this and not expecting as well 🙂 of now am not troubled and i don’t want to see you troubled…….takecare happy blogging keep rocking 🙂


5 thoughts on “It might be a technical error – Chorry :-)

  1. My site has been going through some strange happenings also…about three weeks ago, my stats suddenly dropped to almost nothing! I went into panic mode thinking everyone had deleted me all in the same day….the sites I followed suddenly didn’t show any longer and the ones that did leave a comment…all went into spam…even my replies. I’ve been around and around with tech support….slowly…very slowly…it seems to be working out…. really weird…

    • OMG ! this is scary to me ….by the way how are you still smiling stylishly in that gravatar image even in this situation of panic…hahaha 🙂 LOL…….dont worry things will be fine i shall drop in to your blog daily from today to see if everything is working properly ..:-) keep smiling you will get back all your followers including me 🙂

  2. some of my dearest comments have been flushed into the spam on some wonderful blogs…they never came to know I cherished reading them…then i had to use my twitter a/c to comment !! So confusing !!!

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