I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day :-)

Cimplicityrockss 7 – I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day 🙂 i know this title is very big to fit in but it is not just a title ………………..it is a fact


It was almost 8 PM on a weekday and on the main busy street of Majestic bus stop in Bangalore i walked holding my dad’s hand to visit our family doctor…this happened some years back. Those who have visited this oldest business center of Bangalore can actually get a clear picture of what am talking…..

The street was filled with darkness as it was 8PM but had enough light for all the road side businesses ….Just to give a glimpse of  how this street looks i have to tell you that this place is one of the very oldest business center with lakhs of people earning their food be it in big shops or on the corner of the road…..plenty of carts, plenty of buses, groups of people sitting on the road and selling different things…..hmmmm It is in this place you can actually see different faces of our life 🙂

I walked on this road holding my dad’s right hand and my right hand was waiting to do something mischievous. When my dad’s eyes were busy looking straight and ensuring safety while walking my eyes noticed a heap of peanuts on a cart . The cart owner stood behind the heap and was looking for customers. I was a small girl (mostly 8 years old )and went unnoticed to the seller..this became an advantage for me and within no seconds i lifted one hand full of peanuts without giving any clue………and walked happily with dad…

It was only after walking 15 minutes away from the cart i showed my dad the stolen peanuts with a face filled with sense of smartness. My dad immediately stopped me and asked “where did you pick this from ?”and i replied smilingly thinking that he will be happy seeing my cleverness but he immediately held my hand much tighter and took me back to the same cart and asked me to drop all the peanuts which i had stolen. The peanut seller was watching me and my dad and dad smiled at him and we walked our way back…..Am sure the seller had understood what had happened…:-)

Friends here i have to tell you that i was just a kid and my dad could have done any of these below listed options

  • My dad could have thought that i was a kid and just laughed and continued walking
  • My dad could have hit me for stealing
  • My dad could have thought that it was 15 minutes far and does not make sense to walk back all the way to that cart
  • My dad could have thought that the peanut seller might fight with us for stealing and it would be wise not to go back  

My dad did not do any of these and instead chose to walk with me straight back to the seller and teach me a lesson….I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day 🙂

I learnt a beautiful lesson from my dad long back 🙂 Did you ?

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8 thoughts on “I would have become a thief today if my dad had not walked with me that day :-)

  1. Yes, as people say a child learns everything from his parents and family members. Your dad deserves every credit, for making what you are today. And this is applied to every person. The transition between an unconscious mind to a conscious mind is the most important phase in a person’s life and that’s where parents jobs are most important. And your dad score perfect on that. The next time I will ever walk on those busy streets near to majestic bus stop, this inspiring story is going to hit my mind for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful story. 🙂

    • thanks a lot Arindam…my every memory with my dad is precious because he was one of the best person i have seen not because he is my dad but he really lived such a life – His patience, forgiving attitude, unconditional love, he was really a hero …..today dad is not with me but me and my sister are replica of his good qualities nurtured in my mom’s love…..i miss him 😦

      just seeing your comment as soon as i logged in…feeling nice and also unable to hold my tears…..

      takecare thanks for those lovely words

      • Every Person in our Joint Family at Balepet was very special indeed; In that small dwelling It was just not the family members many people have nurtured their dreams and had got shelter at times of need be it a marriage or an emergency situation people used be at our J-85 home with assurance of Help .At any given time there used be a dozen kids. In spite of all the differences when a need comes everyone joins their hands without a second thought, very proud to be born in that family. Truly there is some divinity in them My Grandmother to the eldest Aunt Shardakka every one have differentiating compassion, patience, maturity, calmness. Chikkappa (Sundresh) we all miss him. He loved children a lot; he used to play with each kid by getting down to their age. He was witty, committed, intelligent, smart, and sweet. My god very good at teasing and imitating people. Yes it is true there can be no other person like him. I somehow used to feel he was very partial to me and liked me very much. But that’s how every kid used to feel with his magic. A Blog is just not enough to describe him.

        • Very well said everyone is special in their own ways 🙂 and yes tht house was special as it was a place of love and affection. Very happy to see your response on my blog ……keep coming hahaha 🙂

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