Think good – Do good…. project

cimplicityrockss invite

cimplicityrockss invite

This is a small project which I have started as ” Think good – Do good ” for which i believe sharing good lessons from our life with others will create positive attitude in each of us and motivate us to ” Think good and Do good “.

It’s Your Choice

  • You can write about a learning from a person or an event – Your choice
  • You can write one learning or many  – Your choice
  • You can mention their identity or hide it – Your choice
  • You can keep it in simple words or can be formal – Your choice
  • You can simply rock –  It’s Your choice 🙂

My simple request 

  • Please write only about your learning : for example (Honesty, Humbleness, not to lie, respecting others, simplicity etc .For clarity you can refer to few of my posts here
  • Please do not write anything that would show disrespect to any person/community/religion/nationality) because I believe that all of us are ONE – Human being.
  • Please ensure that you highlight the learning from your experience 
  • Please don’t forget that you are my celebrity and your experience and learning will be a lesson for me and many ….:-)

This is your place in my blog to rock……:-) Don’t forget to provide this info

Guest of the day

Guest of the day

Don’t forget to add this badge to your blog
[ its okay even if you forget to link back to me 🙂 ]

Friends who are interested to share your learning with me can 

  1. Write to me on (comment /reply) about your interest in sharing a lesson from your life…..or drop a letter to me on cimplicityrockssATgmail:-)coM…..
  2. Note : Spreading good words and positive learning is what you are gifting us and my love and respect is what you get as reward..:-)

Thanks in advance to everyone who will be part of this project by contributing lessons from your life 


5 thoughts on “Think good – Do good…. project

  1. What a great thought behind this post. 🙂
    During my visit to a village I met an old man holding a stick in his hand. He shared all his pain and sorrows in life being an old man, whom people do not consider that more important now in his last stage of life.
    This incident made me think that, One day we will all reach that phase of life and we are going to experience the same what he is experiencing. So it’s really important to make every old man feel that he is important to all of us.

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  3. Name : Janak

    Area of Interest: life, those little things in my room


    Lesson I recommend:

    It is at times inspiring the way you see things around and the way they show you things around.
    I have always been inspired by the things in my room and around me. My windows do tell me to think out of the box and see the unseen. Having a larger picture is always what it portrays as the way I have seen it. No one has windows as thin as a human body or as small as a kid which does indicate a human to have a life without being a narrow-minded person and an individualistic.
    Punctuality is a form of respect in some countries specially in the Europe. The watch in my room does tell me to be respectful to someone else’s time. I have no right to spoil or waste someone else’s time. Time is something which never stops, once gone is forever gone. My watch tells me to enjoy the moment and seize the day for tomorrow is unknown and clueless- Live the moment.
    My bed tells me to take enough rest to fight the fight. If you have the right head in the right place you would be able to take the right step avoiding mistakes.
    The door to my room is big and lets in what is essential and lets out what isn’t. Its just like the positive human brain which welcomes something refreshing and new and takes out what is irrelevant and negative.

  4. My dear, I apologise of only messaging you now. I’m in the middle of putting my thoughts into words for your blog – so I could rock! haha. Please bear with me and as soon as I’m done, I will share it with you.
    Thank you.

    • Hey mommy you need not tell me this …I know that you will rock on my blog once you get a bit of time…i know your commitments to AJ & your sweetjellybean too…so chill 🙂 say hi to AJ baby from my side …:-)

      Once you are done writing the lesson send it to me on my mail ID so that i can do some design stuff and publish …just leave me a message when you mail me….

      One more blogging friend Penny has shared a wonderful lesson will be publishing it today 🙂

      And one more thing am really happy seeing your blog’s recent developments …wonderful step by step progress …Keep up the good work…:-) because you know that someone is following you always 🙂 its me lol

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