Sorry for making my blog look sad :-(

Hi friends

Sorry for making my blog look sad 😦 but no other option for another 2 days as am changing few things…but will surely make it simple and beautiful for your eyes ……stay connected till then

Love you all & happy blogging

4 thoughts on “Sorry for making my blog look sad :-(

    • hahah No big news simona….just that i wanted to delete all google pictures and keep my blog simple with my own stuffs …..but am worried that it might not look as cute as yours…

      by the way i have a suggestion for you…..why dont you cultivate a habit of giving gifts to people like me ? please note am the only person who is like me 🙂 so if you ever become gooood enough to gift then i wish i would shrink enough to fit in those cute little clothes …..hahahah kidding

      was so busy in other stuffs that have not visited you guys on daily posts …hmmmm checked “Do what you love” oufit very cute 🙂

      If there is any news it will be first to you and sweetjellybean love you ……okay now its your turn for kiss 🙂 but am yet to take bath hahahahhaha 🙂

  1. I see you have this filled under Coffee-Cup Time Pass Talk. lol You just commented on my blog about drinking coffee and reading blogs.

    I like drinking coffee with a friend. When you are not sure of what to say or how to say it…..just sip on your coffee while thinking about it. You can’t talk while drinking. It has saved me many a time from blurting out the wrong thing. I mean we should and usually are candid with friends………..but with a cup in the mouth it gives that second or two to have second thoughts about what we are saying.

    Am I making sense??? lol

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