Birthday for you …party for me…Yuppeeeeeee

Birthday for you …party for me…Yuppeeeeeee

Yesterday was my best friend Leela’s birthday. Though I wished her this time…. I always miss wishing all my dear ones on their birthdays but you see they are after all my dear darling friends who know me very well so they call up and get wished hahaha that’s my friends…….

To add more hangover to my friend’s yesterday’s birthday celebration am writing this to her as this time am staying very far from her……

My friend, just want to let you know some things which I have never shared with you..

  • You are one sweet friend who always tolerated me whenever I spoke sense and non sense….

  • You are one of those few people in my life who is very special and what you don’t know is I respect you a lot for – Your patience, For guiding me about what is right or what is wrong whenever necessary, Your unconditional love and affection.

  • Very important one –  you are becoming more beautiful day by day ….please don’t do this to me…..I also need some fans who look at me 🙂 LOL

  • You are one friend of mine who will remain my best friend even if there is a 10 years gap between us from now……more than 10 years? am not sure because you know about my memory loss so better don’t leave me…….




  • What are you still looking for ? ….thats it it’s over……….how can you expect me to keep praising you always ha?? enough is enough …..fact is fact….I am is I am , You is You , etc is etc…  🙂 get back to work


One thought on “Birthday for you …party for me…Yuppeeeeeee

  1. Hello my sweet friend…………

    It’s really great to see your blog and feeling happy with your words, it’s been really great knowing you.

    I’m checking your comments again and again;)I miss you a lot and one more thing to correct……….. the truth is there are more fans for u than me……………;):)so don’t worry LoL

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