My craziest dream 1

Twinkle Twinkle Little star how I wonderrrrrrrrrrrr ????  hehehehehehe

This is my 1st crazy dream am letting you know from the bucket of craziest dreams  I often get….just cannot stop laughing at myself for such dreams…..don’t know who plants this in my mind when am sweetly asleep…..hmmmmmmm need to keep an eye open and watch out for them……

Coming to my 1st Crazy dream

Flash back …..back flash

You guys: watch the top most left corner of the roof can you see the spider web??? Now that’s your flash back point to see my 1st Crazy dream

1st Crazy dream

Am in my preschool room …….all my teachers are dressed like preschool kids and sitting on cute little chairs … I come and stand near the black board and start teaching them “ Twinkle Twinkle Little star how I wonderrrrrrrr hahahahahahaha………” and 2 of my teachers do not repeat the rhyme properly so I make them stand on the bench and for a twist in the dream I give them biggest chokis and cookies and appreciate for not concentrating in the class…..and for all those who told the rhyme properly I gave punishment of writing the rhyme 10 times before coming to the next class……..

Why are you guys still seeing the spider web….dream is over ….am awake and you guys get back to work…….Lazy fellows …day dreaming ha??….:-):-)


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