Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best gift

Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best Gift

 This is about that person who taught me a great lesson just in 1 sentence

There is a festival called ” Gowri habba” celebrated in south India during which brothers gift their sisters with bangles, saree (Indian traditional dress), flowers, fruits or any gifts which they can afford to. This custom has been followed as it symbolises prosperity and wishing good to sisters…just the way “raksha bandhan” is followed with respect to wishing good to brothers……Our family also follows this custom without fail every year……

Just like past years last year also I and my sister bought a saree and few other things to our aunt in place of our dad…. We were worried if she would like the saree colour or not ….with this doubt in our mind we kept an option open for exchange with the shop keeper and visited our aunt’s house…After our casual talks and coffee chats we took out the flowers, fruits and saree and gifted it to our aunt and told her….”please tell us if you liked this saree or not , if you want any other colour /or some other design then we can exchange it and get whichever saree you like”. Before even she saw the saree she told us

” It does not matter to me what design/colour the gift is , all that I see is while buying this gift you have kept me in your heart , I can see only your love towards me so whatever you gift me will be the best gift…..”

This is one beautiful lesson which I learnt from her as in our life we always expect expensive gifts , unique gifts , imported, branded ….the list goes on…..but friends have we ever thought that the person gifting us has so much love towards us and definitely would have gifted us with all that affection…how does it matter if the colour /design / brand is of our taste or not ? at the end of the day love and affection is the best gift. 

From the day i learnt this lesson ..I am able to see only the affection when some one gifts me and this has made me to respect everyone for their precious love and not just precious gifts….

I learnt about the best gift from her simplicity did you?

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2 thoughts on “Cimplicityrockss 3 – Best gift

  1. nice one.. ….u learnt a lot of things:)i should say this it’s true what you said and ultimately what matters is love and care at the end……..:)

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