Cimplicityrockss 2 – She is my sister

Yes, she is my sister . I just thought for a second if  I have to write about my own sister in “Cimplicityrockss – Great people, Great lessons , Our simple talks” column  but then I just  got convinced by my own rules which i laid before starting this blog. My major intention is to bring great lessons from great people (can be any ordinary person with great virtue) into our life (I literally mean to follow). So i have made up my mind to write this great lesson which she gifted me on a simple conversation.

This happened almost a year back…….  we had arranged some party ….myself and my sister had gone to one of our relative’s place to invite them for this celebration. This relative was never in my good books and i was least interested in inviting to such a happy celebration but i was forced to do so by my mom. In the same way i guess this relative also had no interest in our invite and just disrespected us very much  but my sister spoke to him and his family with so much respect and dignity which i failed to do as i was just noticing their rude behaviour with us . I was badly hurt by the behaviour of that relative even after being a guest at their home…..While back home i told my sister “Why should we invite such people even after knowing that they don’t like us.?…I just hate them…and am really surprised how you were able to talk to them so well even when they did not respect us”

All that she told me was ” I just believe that no person can be bad, it is just certain qualities in them which they display will make us feel bad……Just keep one thing in mind – this person whom you are hating today might have done good to someone else in need some day or they might just not be knowing that their behaviour is hurting others, just because he/she did not treat you with respect do not hate that person. It does not matter if the opposite person is good or not , but what matters is you have to be good from heart with everyone.

From that day i just “hate” the word “hate”. It was such a good lesson for me which turned me to see everyone with love and respect no matter how they behave with us.

Lessons I learnt 

  • Respect everyone for their good virtues
  • Do not forget anyone who helped you in past
  • Wish good to everyone from your heart
  • Very importantly hate the word hate
As the person who taught me this is my own sister i shall not reveal her name or identity but just to describe her she is one lady with great virtues who alone can give us all the good lessons for my blog for the entire life….thank you sis…..after all we just got to learn “GOOD LESSONS” be it from anyone.
I learnt how to HATE the word HATE from her …did you?
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