My Letter – With love to every soldier

This is a small letter with love to every soldier who has given me
His life for My life

Respected  Dear Soldier,
(Address: War field
Date: Every Day )

Dear Sir , 

“You have never met me nor seen me…you have never heard about me nor know me…..still you have always fought for me . Who am I to you that you have presented  all these gifts to me ?

  • You left your loved ones alone ….just to see me happy with my family 
  • You are awake in severe cold and burning heat ….just to see me safe in my quilt
  • You struggle, fight and get hurt again and again…. just to save me from crying in pain
  • You starve day and night protecting…. just to see me partying
  • You work months together day and night ….just to see me healthy and right
  • You fight and die everyday…. just to see me celebrate my birthday
My dear soldier you have always been gifting me without any expectations and I have always been wondering how you could be so selfless and kind enough to give your life for my life
I shall keep you in my heart so that there is no way i can ever forget to thank you for the life I am living today.
With  warm hearted  thanks
(Citizen saved by you)
I have written what I actually felt but If you feel this letter to be your’s then take a minute and thank all the soldiers who save us.
Copyright © 2012 by Cimplicityrockss

3 thoughts on “My Letter – With love to every soldier

  1. Hi there, thank you for making this letter. For many reasons, this brought tears in my eyes.

    (thanks for following my blog, I just followed yours. hope to get to know you more 🙂 )

    • Hi A J’s Mom (sounds sweet to call you that way)
      Whenever I think about soldiers my heart becomes heavy…what I wrote is just a point % of my respect towards them…we have not done anything to any soldiers till date but they have always protected us..Let us atleast pray&wish for their safety 🙂

      about me – am very cute , sweet, lovely and you can add more good things to the list 🙂 🙂

      • What you’ve written here is very thoughtful and I am sure will be much appreciated by others.

        –about you, I like you already! And yes, I love being called AJ’s Mom. 🙂

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