What is “My Achievement”

This is for all of us who think we achieved something……

What is “My Achievement”

I went to school regularly
—-> My parents had monitored me

I scored 1st rank in everything
—-> My teacher had taught me

I won a match
—-> My friends had cheered me

I gave a best musical performance
—-> My audience had heard me

I have a best garden in my house
—-> Mother nature had blessed me

I have the most successful company
—-> My employees have supported me

I am the most famous one
—-> My fans have followed me

I am the richest person on the earth
—->  Rest of the world stayed poor to give an opportunity for me

So, in every step of our’s there is someone else’s efforts . There is nothing which we have achieved all alone.. It is our parents, friends, nature, teachers and even strangers who actually made us “Win”…

But unfortunately we use everyone as steps for our achievement and forget to even look down once ..after we reach the celebrated stage……

So friends lets take some time and recall all those who made our life successful and thank them warm heartedly.

Gaining their love is the only achievement we can claim as

“My Achievement”

Wanna share about that person who helped you in your achievements, please write on my blog. I would love to hear it 🙂

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5 thoughts on “What is “My Achievement”

  1. Isn’t it funny CR that I typed pretty much the same words on a typewriter 20 years ago. I believe we should give thanks to those good or bad that got us to this point on our Path of Life. We would be somewhere else without them. Good post. Take care. Ralph

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