With a cup of coffee……

Before we read interesting articles in coming days …here is a “time pass gyan” I can give you for the day….

“Following a great person – YOU RISE
Following a great lesson from a great person – YOU ARE WISE”  (NSS)

So lets admire and follow great qualities of  great personalities and respect great personalities for their great qualities

“Famous need not be great” 

Famous and Great according to me are 2 different words..Those who are famous need not be great in the same way those who are great need not be famous.

Take time for “Good” 

We have enough time for gossips, silly jokes, unwanted shopping , scandals on web etc..don’t we have a minute for something really good? Just like our body even our mind needs good food to stay healthy. Good can be anything – good music, good articles, healthy talks about good changes in the society, community service, quality time with family and the list goes on…….

“Anything which is stagnant will stink”

It is not just water but anything which is stagnant will stink. Even the best of best knowledge remained unshared  will remain as same forever but will never give any fruit. Think…………!
So I truly believe that its worth to think/talk/share/discuss about anything good at least for a minute than spending hours on unproductive gossips or time pass stuffs in simple words .

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